Support service for industrial robotic machine projects


Engineering and proof of concept 

Risk and feasibility management

Our “catalogue” solutions do not meet your needs? We can offer you “on demand” solutions. Mach’Tel has all the experience and talent to offer you a special machine according to your needs.

We manage your request in the form of a preliminary project. We quickly assess the risks of the project, including of course its feasibility.

Depending on these elements, we may have to carry out a more detailed pre-study which will be invoiced. The modalities will obviously be decided in consultation with you.

Objectives of the pre-study
  • Remove technical doubts and validate expected performance
  • Remove financial doubts by refining the budget
  • If necessary, validate certain project partners and/or equipment

In the end, respond to all the risks that have been removed to secure the project and validate a commercial offer that satisfies the client’s specifications.

Modern tools at your disposal

We manage this pre-project phase as a project in its own right.

To this end, we can provide :

  • Our pre-sales engineers
  • Our mechanical design office
  • Our automation and robotics design office
  • Our test benches
  • Our virtual reality bench (at UNISTA)
  • Our collaborative project management platform MONDAY
  • Our touch screens for collaborative design