Automatic dosing line for cosmetic products – Cosmo Line 30

The CosmoLine 30 series machines are used for the dosing and closing of cosmetic products with both a low and high viscosity.

A universal dosing, capping and labelling line for liquid cosmetic products:

  • Dosing by means of piston-pump for skin care products
  • The dosing line is useful for a wide range of cosmetics: soaps, shampoos and emulsions
  • Works with any package shape and type – format pucks
  • Productivity: ~ 40 pcs./min

Technical characteristics of the bottle filling, capping and labelling machines

Cosmo Line 30

The cosmoline 30 machines support a wide range of doses (from 3 ml to ~300 ml) and almost any shape of components. Thanks to its special transport system, producing even the smallest and very unstable packaging is not a problem.

Transport of the product is carried out by  so-called carousel (i.e. index feeder), which has the task to transport packaging between  functionality stations: bottles feeding, filling station, first component application station (inserts/alulids), final capping station with verification of correct closure application with integrated reject. Outside of the machine possibilty to add additional station for applying aluminum foil lids, plastic discs, atomizers and brushes. One of the advantages of CosmoLine 30 is its single-frame construction.

Thanks to its compact design, the line takes up as little space as possible and is ideal for working with limited space. We offer three pre-configured versions of the CosmoLine 30 device : for skin care, perfume and nail polish producers.

CosmoLine 30 – skin care

The line is designed for dosing, application aluminum foil lids and closing glass and plastic jars with cosmetic products.

  • Works with round packages
  • Wide range of doses available (from 5 ml to 300 ml)
  • Application station for aluminum foil lids
  • Capping head with servo-drive for sensitive caps
  • Manual or automatic application of components
  • Verification stations for correct closure and aluminium foil lids application
  • Reject integrated inside the machine
  • productivity up to 30-40 pcs./min

CosmoLine 30 – perfume

Pucks line for dosing and closing perfumes and other low-viscosity or alcohol-based cosmetic products, e.g. micellar lotions or aftershave.

  • Works with any shape and type of packaging thanks to format pucks
  • Wide range of dosages (from 15 ml to 100 ml)
  • Equipped with a level suction station
  • Atomizers application station
  • Capping head with servo-drive for sensitive caps
  • Manual or automatic feeding of components
  • Possibile extension for
  • Dosing flammable products
  • Productivity up to 20-30 pcs./min

CosmoLine 30 – nail polish and UV gels filling machine

The automatic, compact line for pouring and capping of nail care products such as: both hybrid and basic nail polish as well as protein bases.

  • works with any package shape and type
  • wide range of doses available (from 3 ml to 15 ml)
  • capping head with servo-drive for sensitive caps
  • manual or automatic application of components – up to three different functions in one process (brush, closure and colour tagging)
  • optionally equipped with a weight control system
  • possible extension for dosing flammable products
  • productivity up to 25-40 pcs./min