Automatic assembly machine – Levitation

  • Ultra flexible machine allowing a better layout in the factory around the input and output flows
  • 6 degrees of freedom – unlimited conception
  • Scalable machine: ultra easy to introduce new functions
  • Removable and plugging workstations
  • Flexible machine guided magnetic transfer with variable pitch (flexibility, independent shuttles)

Technical characteristics of the assembly automation system


25 to 50 ppm

Machine dimension


Assembly posts




Components parts of the assembly line automation

  • Bin feeder
  • Lift conveyor integrated into the feeder
  • Product transfer carousel
  • Vision and lighting system
  • Any robots
  • Machine frame : designed to plug & produce
  • CEE machine standard
Assembly line automation
automatic assembly machine

Standard options of the robotic assembly system

  • Camera detecting product orientation
  • Positioning in pucks
  • Marking station
  • Completion : pad printing, hot decor, screen printing
  • Traceability: laser marking, proofreading, cloud

Standard options of the automatic assembly machine

  • Bulk
  • Semi Bulk
  • Pallet
  • On bucket
  • Thermo Formed Trays (PTF)
  • Boxes
  • Sheaths
  • Checkouts
  • Manual loading

Ergonomics: yes thanks to the new design (access to the machine, 360° visibility, etc.) and organization of the distribution of items all around the machine.

robotic assembly system