Automatic assembly machine – Carousel

  • Economic compact solution
  • Repetitive and accuracy assembly
  • Transfer time < 200 ms

Technical characteristics of the carousel assembly system


25 to 50 ppm

Machine dimension

1.5m x 1.5m to 7m x 7m

Assembly posts

8 to 16



Components parts of the automatic assembly system

  • Bin feeder
  • Lift conveyor integrated into the feeder
  • Product transfer carousel
  • Vision and lighting system
  • Up to 6 robots
  • Machine frame: designed to plug & produce
  • CEE machine standard
Manufacturer of automatic assembly system for bottles
part assembly machine

Standard options of the assembly machine

  • Camera detecting product orientation
  • Positioning in pucks
  • Marking station
  • Completion: pad printing, hot decor, screen printing
  • Traceability: laser marking, proofreading, cloud

Standard options of the carousel assembly machine

  • Bulk
  • Semi Bulk
  • Pallet
  • On bucket
  • Thermo Formed Trays (PTF)
  • Boxes
  • Sheaths
  • Checkouts
  • Manual loading
Manufacturer of assembly part system