Automatic roller shutter assembly – SPS Assembler

Robotic line dedicated to the assembly of rolling shutters for closing swimming pools!

We are offering a new range without a “table” and with a surround around it. The chassis acting as structure and covering, it is an all-in-one machine where we take advantage of the transparency of the solution:

  • Ultrasonic welding system
  • Robotic distribution and placement of caps
  • 1 operator to drive the SPS Assembler line

Technical characteristics of the roller shutter assembly machine


 3 seconds welding time sealing per sealed


12 and 20 complete pool covers /day

Assembly posts

Extruded polycarbonate slats max length 7m

Components parts of the roller shutter machine

  • 1 robot
  • 2 ultrasonic welding system
  • Automatic conveyor system
Robotic line for roller shutter assembly
Automated assembly machine for roller shutters

Standard options of the automated assembly machine for roller shutters

  • Sawing
  • Blade feeding
  • Evacuation and crating after welding