Capper Z5

Discover this manual closure supply on bottles. This machine is equiped with roller capping head, automatic closing up to 6Nm, straight or angle neck bottles and 1 or 2 capping heads, up to 50bpm.

Wide range of closures:

  • Fast and easy toolless changeover to another product as new product
  • Most format parts in 3D printing

Technical characteristics of the bottle capping machine


Up to 30 ppm

Machine dimension

1.6m x 0.75m

Capping heads

1 or 2 heads

Components parts of the automated capping machine

  • Capping with 4 rollers
  • Angle neck contenair closing possible
  • Torque application with brushless motor
automated capping machine

Standard options of the bottle capper

  • ATEX management
  • Speed with 2 stations up to 55 ppm
  • Quality control

Capper Z5