Stave Milling D

  • Ultra compact robotized machine
  • Stave rectification before jointing
  • Wood cost saving and reduction of scrap material
  • Automatic clamping, referencing determination and measurement of the curved milling cutters’s placement

Technical characteristics of the robotic wood milling machine


Less than 20 seconds/stave

Machine dimension

1.5m x 3m

Brushless motor


Milling spindle


Components parts of the automatic milling machine

  • Brushless motor
  • 1 milling spindle
  • Laser measurement
  • Safety light curtain
  • Trajectory database
Stave milling ultra compact robotized machine
automatic stave milling machine

Operation of the automatic stave milling machine

  • Installation of the stave by the operator automatic tightening and setting reference
  • Determination and measurement and automatic orientation of the placement of the machining cutter
  • Automatic start of the machining cycle
  • Release of the stave