Pack OS

ILABO is a 4.0 software company specializing in software platforms for manufacturing businesses that aim to improve efficiency of the production assets and increases operational excellence on the manufacturing shopfloor. Since 2010, they developed their experience and understanding of the manufacturing domain as well as goals and challenges that the industry is facing every day.


 They offer two software platforms


That offers a real-time intelligent OEE monitoring (PackOS application) that reveals hidden factors impacting production efficiency and is focused on analysing states and performance of the machine, also using automatic video monitoring features, in order to eliminate root-causes of stoppages and increase production output. Within the platform we also offer Computerised Maintenance Management System with predictive maintenance functions (KeepUp application) as well as Task Management solution to track the progress of tasks performed by the manufacturing staff (WorkBoost application).


Is a state-of-the-art labelling automation software for marking products, packs, and pallets that significantly optimizes the production flow, by automating the process of generating and managing the content of labels including GS1 logistic labels. That as a result increases the efficiency of the whole manufacturing process and eliminates human errors. Furthermore, LogicPRINT instantly reports actual production to the ERP system, to shorten the make-to-order production cycle.

PackOS, as a part of LogiX platform, is a powerful and user-friendly production monitoring software that provides real-time performance monitoring with live OEE ratio calculation, downtime classification, and dynamic root cause analysis. PaskOS points out key efficiency losses on the production process and gives users insights on how to reduce them.

The main benefits of the Pack OS

  • On average from 10% to 35% increase in production output
  • First results already in days and weeks
  • New functionalities based on shared insights from our Clients’ community delivered in SaaS model

The main functionalities

  • Real-time performance monitoring with live OEE ratio calculation of lines and production orders
  • Standardized dashboards of all the factories worldwide
  • Automatic recognition of downtime root-causes
  • Video problem analysis and intelligent automatic problem recognition
  • Insights on how to avoid or eliminate bottlenecks
  • Utilities monitoring to optimize the costs of production
  • Historical and current reports of the OEE indicators, downtime, or production orders performance
  • Dynamic ETA calculation with order history and main performance issues
  • Special screens designed for shop floor displays to help workers manage their daily work
  • Labour productivity monitoring