Remote maintenance

How do we ensure the quality of the work of our machines? Thanks to remote maintenance system.

We can intervene remotely to facilitate and accelerate the necessary maintenance.

How it works?

Plant network integrity:

The IXON router creates VPN connection which doesn’t necessitate any network infrastructure modifications (fire wall, proxy etc)

Non-intrusive solution:

The IXON technology guarantees that the remote-operator could only connect to the machine network and under no means to other equipment of the industrial site.

Secured solution:

The IXON solution is based on the VPN technology and provides certificate-based authentications for the remote-users

Wireless access to industrial equipment:

Some machines might be physically difficult to access. The WiFi access point of the IXON router makes it possible to configurate the module from a PC or a touch-screen tablet.

Our expertise and assistance in one click

Our box registers faults, which can then be viewed on the tablet and via the same tablet you can call our experts by video.

Direct calls with Google Duo

We facilitate our maintenance with Google Duo – the highest quality video calling app.

It’s easy to use and compatible with any device.

When you face an issue with your machine – you simply click on the app and that’s it!