– HMI – HTML 5

Using U2 Robotics machines is easy !

You can manage it without any knowledge in robotics thanks to our user-friendly Human-Machine Interface displaying all necessary information about your current application and your machine.

Change formats just with a few clicks and access advanced statistics at any moment!

All the technical data concerning your machine (electrical diagram, machine plans, material certificates etc) is also available on the HMI in .pdf format.

Just enter in the system with your RFID badge or your username and get all of the information needed.

And that’s it !


A flexible, reliable and secure communication protocol!

Connectivity and communication within the production process is one of the main pillars of Industry 4.0., which is why we have chosen to work with the OPC-UA standard within the U2 Robotics group.

The OPC-UA protocol is an independent and secure standard for information and service exchange. It enables industrial robots, machine tools and programmable logic controllers (PLC) to communicate with each other.

Having a common language makes data collection from source systems easy, flexible and accessible to all, regardless of the systems and solutions used in a factory.
The OPC standard is maintained by the OPC Foundation, an industry consortium that creates and maintains standards for automation.

By integrating this standard into our manufacturing processes, we meet all the requirements of today’s growing automation.

Remote camera

REMOTE VIDEO – a solution to improve the performance of your lines! Catch and fix even smallest anomalies of your machines.

The principle of this application is similar to a dashcam: a camera films your machine while it’s working. As soon as the software detects an error, it creates a short video sequence – before and after this error.

Thanks to this video, your technician would just need to check a short video rather than hours of heavy multimedia files!

He can open this video on a tablet (included in the installation package), or you can access these videos remotely: on your PC, mobile phone, or even on your smartwatch!

And the cherry on the cake: this solution is compatible with ANY machine and not only with U2 Robotics machines.

Thanks to this system you can control the whole line: one control unit can manage up to 15 cameras or other devices.

Pack OS

To complete our offer and brings you the best software services, we work with the company ILABO.

ILABO is a 4.0 software company specializing in software platforms for manufacturing businesses that aim to improve efficiency of the production assets and increases operational excellence on the manufacturing shopfloor.

Since 2010, they developed their experience and understanding of the manufacturing domain as well as goals and challenges that the industry is facing every day.

They offer two software platforms :

LogiX – that offers a real-time intelligent OEE monitoring (PackOS application) that reveals hidden factors impacting production efficiency and is focused on analysing states and performance of the machine, also using automatic video monitoring features, in order to eliminate root-causes of stoppages and increase production output. Within the platform we also offer Computerised Maintenance Management System with predictive maintenance functions (KeepUp application) as

well as Task Management solution to track the progress of tasks performed by the manufacturing staff (WorkBoost application).

LogicPRINT – that is a state-of-the-art labelling automation software for products, packs and pallets that significantly optimises the production flow by automating the process of managing labeling functions and by eliminating human errors that otherwise decrease efficiency of the whole manufacturing process.

Pack ML

Pack ML is an automation standard developed by OMAC and adopted by ISA as TR88.00.02 that makes it easier to transfer and retrieve consistent machine data. The primary goals of PackML are to encourage a common “look and feel” across a plant floor, and to enable and encourage industry innovation.

Anyone building or working with a pack ML enabled machine can expect a common look and feel and consistent defined behaviours even if they come from different manufacturers and use different control systems

Pack ML defines a common structure for machine states, operating mode and packets of information that the describe an machines condition know as pack tags.

This is a packaging standard used in the machine control sector, specifically for packaging machines.

Smart part

Managing spare parts has never been easier !

In order to facilitate the use of the machine and its maintenance, we have developed a tool that allows you to see your machine in 3D with exploded views, piece by piece.

With this software, you can send a quote request to UNISTA with the list of parts that you have previously selected.

The use of Smart Part is intuitive. It allows easy access and download of all necessary drawings.

Now managing your spare parts will only take a few minutes!

Remote maintenance

How do we ensure the quality of the work of our machines? Thanks to remote maintenance system.

We can intervene remotely to facilitate and accelerate the necessary maintenance.

How it works?

Plant network integrity :

The IXON router creates VPN connection which doesn’t necessitate any network infrastructure modifications (fire wall, proxy etc)

Non-intrusive solution :

The IXON technology guarantees that the remote-operator could only connect to the machine network and under no means to other equipment of the industrial site.

Secured solution :

The IXON solution is based on the VPN technology and provides certificate-based authentications for the remote-users

Wireless access to industrial equipment :

Some machines might be physically difficult to access. The WiFi access point of the IXON router makes it possible to configurate the module from a PC or a touch-screen tablet.

Our expertise and assistance in one click

Our box registers faults, which can then be viewed on the tablet and via the same tablet you can call our experts by video.

Direct calls with Google Duo

We facilitate our maintenance with Google Duo – the highest quality video calling app.

It’s easy to use and compatible with any device.

When you face an issue with your machine – you simply click on the app and that’s it !


 The market evolves, your machines too !

At U2 Robotics our job is also to help you to improve your work tool.

We are on your side :

  • To consolidate the reliability of your machines (to reduce your failures, the obsolescence of the material)
  • To improve the ergonomy and the security of your equipments for your technicians (compliance)
  • To increase your machines’ productivity
  • To optimize your equipments
  • To adapt your machines for new products/references

Our team of technicians and engineers is at your disposal to analyse your needs and guide you in upgrading your machines.

For these projects, U2 Robotics guarantees to its customers a simple, quick and efficient management!


Even the best industrial machine is nothing without a good driver and good maintenance. It is its operators and maintenance technicians who will ultimately make it a high-performance and efficient machine over time.

This is why, before delivery and on site, U2 Robotics sets up training sessions :

  • A pre-delivery training session has the advantage of having a continuous presence, without production pressure and in another context. This session creates a link between the U2 technicians and the team that will be in charge of the installation.
  • The next session is the one on site after the implementation. It allows for a training session with more exchange and answers to specific questions
  • The surveillance cameras associated with the OS package also provide concrete training support

We also offer additional training sessions throughout the life of the machine.

U2 is at your side before, during and after the delivery of the machine.

The Virtual Reality in the industry 

The VR for professionnal uses

You have already heard about this technology, it has been widely used in video games.

But did you know that uses have been able to evolve more and more to other fields?

Now, many different sectors use the virtual reality to work as in the medical one for example, and of course, in the industrial sector !

The Virtual Reality, that makes you feel the same sensations as in reality, is therefore a technology that has enabled us to enter the Industry 4.0.

Let us explain you how we use it at U2 Robotics in Unista company !

Project yourself in your future packaging lines

Imagine you could see every details of the robots, even the screws of your future machine when it is not yet manufactured. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Let us tell you that it’s totally possible with our 3D Cube and virtual reality !

This immersive technology will give you the chance to see on the real scale your potential unscrambler, case-packer or any another machine you could order.

Three big advantages of virtual reality:

  • You can easily see how the machine will be in your workshop
  • And you will be able to see all the components in details from it
  • You even can take measures of each parts on the real scale
And welcome to the flexibility of Industry 4.0 !

On a 2D plan, we can have a first view of the machine, but with the technical drawings in 3D you can totally see if there are any defaults that could disturb the future production.

Seeing these defaults before making the machine allow us to adapt our plans, making us agile and flexible to best meet your request on the quality, security etc…

The best way to be convinced is to try

You have any project for a future production line?

And you would like to see how it could adapt to your workshop and machines that are already present ?

Contact us to talk about your projects, and take advantages of all what VR can offer you to visualize them.

Engineering and proof of concept 

Risk and feasibility management

Our “catalogue” solutions do not meet your needs? We can offer you “on demand” solutions. Mach’Tel has all the experience and talent to offer you a special machine according to your needs.

We manage your request in the form of a preliminary project. We quickly assess the risks of the project, including of course its feasibility.

Depending on these elements, we may have to carry out a more detailed pre-study which will be invoiced. The modalities will obviously be decided in consultation with you.

Objectives of the pre-study
  • Remove technical doubts and validate expected performance
  • Remove financial doubts by refining the budget
  • If necessary, validate certain project partners and/or equipment

In the end, respond to all the risks that have been removed to secure the project and validate a commercial offer that satisfies the client’s specifications.

Modern tools at your disposal

We manage this pre-project phase as a project in its own right.

To this end, we can provide :

  • Our pre-sales engineers
  • Our mechanical design office
  • Our automation and robotics design office
  • Our test benches
  • Our virtual reality bench (at UNISTA)
  • Our collaborative project management platform MONDAY
  • Our touch screens for collaborative design