Our depalletizer deliver products from plastic and carton trays to your production line.
This solution has been developed for you to be able to distribut your various components on the line. One of the main benefits of this flexible depalletizer is to speed up your line, simplify the distribution and allows you quick and easy changeover of existing or futur formats.
Using this lastest technology allow you to define the position of the component on the pallets.

Product supply 

  •  Product on pallets, on trays, in box etc
  • Trays, box with manual feeding
  • Any type of interlayer
  • Any patterns

Product handle

  • Any raw material (plastic, metal,
    glass …)
  • Large range of size (caps, bottles, cannister, components …)

Trays type

  • plastic, carton, aluminum, steel…


  • Depending of component and pattern
  • Two common main applications : 60 pieces / min OR 120 pieces / min


Automated pallet unloader