Remote camera for detects error robotics machine


Remote video

REMOTE VIDEO – a solution to improve the performance of your lines! Catch and fix even smallest anomalies of your machines.

The principle of this application is similar to a dashcam: a camera films your machine while it’s working. As soon as the software detects an error, it creates a short video sequence – before and after this error.

Thanks to this video, your technician would just need to check a short video rather than hours of heavy multimedia files!

He can open this video on a tablet (included in the installation package), or you can access these videos remotely: on your PC, mobile phone, or even on your smartwatch!

And the cherry on the cake: this solution is compatible with ANY machine and not only with U2 Robotics machines.

Thanks to this system you can control the whole line: one control unit can manage up to 15 cameras or other devices