You can manage it without any knowledge in robotics thanks to our user-friendly Human-Machine Interface displaying all necessary information about your current application and your machine.


Connectivity and communication within the production process is one of the main pillars of Industry 4.0., which is why we have chosen to work with the OPC-UA standard within the U2 Robotics group.

Remote video

The principle of this application is similar to a dashcam: a camera films your machine while it’s working. As soon as the software detects an error, it creates a short video sequence – before and after this error.

Remote maintenance

How do we ensure the quality of the work of our machines?
Thanks to remote maintenance system. We can intervene remotely to facilitate and accelerate the necessary maintenance.

Pack ML

In order to facilitate the use of the machine and its maintenance, we have developed a tool that allows you to see your machine in 3D with exploded views, piece by piece.

Pack OS

ILABO is a 4.0 software company specializing in software platforms for manufacturing businesses that aim to improve efficiency of the production assets.

UFI & Quality – Vision inspection

How do we ensure quality of the product including the correct product marking? All household chemical, cosmetics, pharma, food and beverage manufacturers benefit from automatic product marking and quality inspection solution.