Smart part

Managing spare parts has never been easier! In order to facilitate the use of the machine and its maintenance, we have developed a tool that allows you to see your machine in 3D with exploded views, piece by piece.


At U2 Robotics our job is also to help you to improve your work tool. Our team of technicians and engineers is at your disposal to analyse your needs and guide you in upgrading your machines.


Even the best industrial machine is nothing without a good driver and good maintenance. It is its operators and maintenance technicians who will ultimately make it a high-performance and efficient machine over time.

Virtual reality

The Virtual Reality, that makes you feel the same sensations as in reality, is therefore a technology that has enabled us to enter the Industry 4.0. Let us explain you how we use it at U2 Robotics in Unista company!

Engineering & proof of concept

Our “catalogue” solutions do not meet your needs? We can offer you “on demand” solutions. Mach’Tel has all the experience and talent to offer you a special machine according to your needs.

Remote assistance

U2 Robotics group  offer you various loyalty packs through an assistance credit system, including a periodic visit to your site. These packages and prices apply for all items out of warranty.