UFI & Quality – Vision inspection

How do we ensure quality of the product including the correct product marking?

All household chemical, cosmetics, pharma, food and beverage manufacturers benefit from automatic product marking and quality inspection solution that:

  • Reduces loses and reworks, especially after each changeover
  • Makes changeovers more automatic and faster.
  • Eliminates unnecessary labor related with the quality control


The Solution based on LogicPRINT, LogiX and AI based image recognition:

  • Automatically manages all printers on the line marking products with Batch, BBD, UFI, S/N and other data
  • Automatically controls quality of every single product ensuring AQL is met
  • Generates detailed marking and quality control report for each work order with all photos with errors and quality samples stored safely
  • Verifies if all printed markings are readable and correct
  • Checks different production errors like:
    • Is artwork correct
    • Is artwork color variation within a limit
    • Is label wrinkled or misaligned
    • Is sleeve over- or under-shrunk and holed
    • Is box, bottle correctly closed, capped,
    • Is atomizer correctly aligned
    • Size variation (box, can)


Technically it:

  • Covers multiple formats like: boxes, bottles, jars, pouches, cans
  • Comes with its own eject or can be built into existing machine or line eject
  • Integrates with existing printers on the line or comes with new ones
  • Starts form simple one camera systems and ends with multiple Hi-Res, Hi-Speed with stitching and OCR
  • Analyses up to 25 psc/ sec
  • Integrates with different ERP, MES, and other business applications

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