Capper Z6

Discover this automatic closure application for caps, pump and trigger. This machine is equiped with 1 bruchless capping head up to 30bpm. Caps are supply by the operator on the conveyor. Automatics caps distribution can be added in option.

Wide range of closures :

Automatic capper for triggers and pumps

Household chemicals

Skin care

Body lotion

Pharmaceutical products

And usually caps and flip top closures

Household chemicals

Food products

Skin care product

Technical characteristics of the automatic capping machine


Up to 30 ppm

Machine dimension

1.4m x 1.95m

Capping heads

1 head

Components parts of the automatic capping machine for pump and trigger

  • Caps pluging, screwing, …
  • Caps conveyor
  • Capping head
  • Torque application with brushless motor
  • Smoothing of the dip tube

Standard options of the automatic bottle capping machines

  •  ATEX management
  • Quality control
  • Automatic caps ditribution :
    • mechanical cap sorter
    • vibration sorting
    • waterfall
    •  …

Z6 capping machine and vibrating bowl feeder / sorter