The automatic capping machines are designed for various closure (cosmetic pumps, sprays/triggers, flip tops, push pull closures) and any type of speed.
Our cappers are suitable for a quick and easy changeover.

Machine functionalities

Closure storage bin is designed to keep 300 L package closures. Hopper feeds closures into conveyor.

Conveyor is delivering unsorted closures to sorting cell. Return loop brings back to bin closures that were not recognized or damaged.

Closures position is recognized by vision system analyzing them under robot working area. The conveyor of the automatic capper is equipped with backlight and top light used depending on closures colour and shape. Closure picking is performed with vacuum cleaning-handling system minimizing probability of closure mechanical damages. Delta robot delivers picked closure to transport platforms placed on the multibelt-conveyor. The automatic capper robot is equipped with closure presence sensor which triggers cycle repeat if closure is missing.

Robotic closure picking module consist of six axis robot, vacuum cleaning-handling gripper. Function of this module is to pick closures from transfer conveyor and deliver them to capping heads.

In case of trigger sprayers, cosmetic pumps, perfume pumps, special foaming pumps and various dispensers with straw this module enables straw straightening functionality.

Capping system consists from 4 servo drive capping heads. Each capping head has its own servo drive for capping cycle control. During capping process the bottles are held by centering device. No tools are needed for the capping heads and platforms changeover.


Automatic capper