We can propose you simple and effective palletizers that allow you to deliver your final product in good conditions. Thanks to its flexibility this palletizing machine allows a very fast and simple format change. One of our palletizer’s assets is the use of innovative technologies that will be able to satisfy the needs of your production. Thanks to our industrial packaging machine your production will be simpler, and your productivity will increase as well.

Product to palletizer 

  • Box
  • Cannisters
  • Trays
  • Tray handling
  • Any patterns

Pallet type 

  • EURO, CHEP, US, JAPAN, Half Pallet, …
  • Plastic, Carton, Wood, …


  • Depending of component and pattern
  • Two common main applications :
    • 10 boxes / min
    • 20 boxes / min

Case transfer conveyor

Cases get closed with a scotch-taping or a gluing machine and move forwards : whether to the palletizing module, or to the accumulation table.
Between these two stations it is possible to integrate a quality control module, a labeling station or other equipment according to your needs.

Options : Labelling on boxes

The machine can be equipped with a labeling module.
The label will be placed on the required side of the carton.
The label maker is compatible with your CODESOFT software.
The machine can also be equipped with a barcode printing control (proofreading).
Poorly printed products will be ejected at the ejection conveyor.

Case stopper :

The case is moving forward to the palletizing station.
The presence and position of a case is checked by sensors. They send a signal to the palletizing robot as soon as the carton arrives at the end of the conveyor.

Palletizing robot

Palletizing robot :

Palletizing of boxes is done with one robot which grabs boxes from the case transfer conveyor.
This robot is a robot of the new generation of innovative high-precision robots with improved functionality.
Its design was optimized to improve its productivity and conformity to this kind of applications.
With this palletizing robot you can benefit from the compacity and productivity of these machines from the new generation.

Polyarticular robot :

This fast and powerful 6 axis robot offers a perfect combination of rapid and reliable acceleration and possibility of covering a significant space.
This robot is an excellent choice for manipulation of heavy loads as it unites precision and speed.
Some of its major advantages are :

  • It is very reliable
  • Fast – Short cycle time
  • Extremely precise
  • Compact
Robot depositor of interlayer leaves:

The palletizing gripper is a multitasking tool that allows the robot to manipulate interlayer dividing leaves.
With our Human-Machine Interface you can define the disposition of these interlayer leaves.
They can be put after each layer of boxes, every two or three layers etc. You can also chose not to put any leaves for a specific packaging type.

Palletizing gripper :

The palletizing robot is equipped with a vacuum gripper which makes it possible to lift boxes without deteriorating them.
The pressure switch controls the presence of the box under the gripper.
In case if the robot loses the box during the movement, the machine stops and alerts an operator.


Orientation of cases on pallets :

Orientation of cases on a pallet can be easily defined with help of Human-Machine Interface.
For example if you want to make labels on cases visible after palletizing, you simply need to change the default case orientation in the system.
Define the orientation in the HMI and let the robot with its 360° rotation capacity do the rest.

Pallets infeed and outfeed :

An operator loads an empty pallet into the pallet loading section.
For more security, the operator access is protected through immaterial safety barriers.
When the pallet in the machine is fully loaded, the pallet conveyor transfers it to the unloading station and an empty pallet takes its place.
Right after this 180° rotation the loaded pallet is ready to remove!
This machine can be equipped with a stock for interlayer leaves.

For a better autonomy, the machine disposes of an automatic stock for empty pallets.
Your operator charges a pile of empty pallets into the pallet stock during the operation of the machine.
When one pallet gets fully charged by the palletizing robot, it moves forward to the evacuation station. Here the pallet can be removed by your operator.
(In order to improve the autonomy of the machine, it is possible to foresee a buffer zone to accumulate pallets before their evacuation)
As soon as a full pallet begins to move towards the evacuation station, an empty pallet get released at the bottom of the pallet unstacker. Then pallet moves to the palletizing station through a roller conveyor equipped with stoppers.
If required, the machine can be equipped with a station for interlayer leaves.

Flex-pal software

To be able to operate your machine, it’s equipped with a special software conceived for an easy change of your palletizing program.
This software allows an operator to interact with the robot without any knowledge in robotics.
You can create a new palletizing plan just in a few seconds.
And by the way you can finish the palletizing process even if a pallet was already partially filled.
This machine is also equipped with a remote access, it helps to keep things simple, if you need any help.


Automatic palletizer