Automatic labelling machine – Heavy Pack

Pallet labelling.

  • Automatic two-sided or three-sided labelling of pallets
  • All labels are applied fast and aesthetically
  • Possible work with ERP system, SAP to increase process efficiency
  • Imprint correctness verification

Technical characteristics of the pallet labelling system

Heavy Pack

Heavy Pack is a professional print & apply solution (print and labelling in a single pass) for collective large-size packages (industrial pallets) in production lines. Labels may be attached on to the corners of or opposite walls of pallets.

The main features and advantages of the pallet labeller

  • A universal application: the labelling of flat, elliptical and round packages
  • Two optional labelling systems for circular packages:
  • Roto Classic with a high level of capacity: ~ 110 pcs./min.
  • Roto Can with a high level of precision: ~ 60 pcs./min.
  • Possibility to label open packages
  • Work with labels made from various materials: paper, foil, transparent and metal-coating
  • Maximum label width: 160 mm (or 240 mm optionally)
  • Maximum label length: 450 mm
  • Verification of the labelling process: bar codes, imprint presence and correctness, label presence
  • Simple and intuitive operations via the HMI panel
  • Hygiene and work safety